[REVIEW] Is the new Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 camera worth it?

Instant cameras got very popular some years ago thanks to the release of the Fuji Instax series. But Polaroid finally managed to recreate a classic instant camera with some awesome new modern features in the overall design of the product.

I got super excited when I heard about the release of this camera! It has the vintage look we all know when we think about Polaroids, the camera itself is kind of simple and convenient, and those new modern features make this product way more practical to use than a vintage Polaroid camera.

To sum up, this camera has a fixed length, no focus needed, an automatic flash (that you can disable), a timer and an exposure compensation switch. Basically, you turn it in, you press the shutter button and the picture prints instantly. Pretty much like an old classic Polaroid camera right? One big thing that changed though, was the implementation of a battery inside the camera that you can charge using a classic micro USB cable. Once charged, the battery can last for apparently two months – owning the camera for just 2 weeks now, it’s hard to tell how the battery behaves in the long run obviously.

Polaroid Originals also released new instant films – both colours and black and whites. I could test them all yet, but a lot of instant photographers tested them and did a lot of reviews on them already. I really like the fact that the pictures are quite big considering the size of the camera. It’s definitely way bigger than the Fuji Instax format and the picture itself looks better. The film is pricy –  starting at $15.99 for 8 pictures – but the final result feels really premium and it’s an awesome souvenir to keep or to give away!

What do I think about it? I love it.

I love the look of it, I like the size of the pictures, how easy it is to use and especially this integrated battery. This makes this camera a very practical object. The camera itself is pretty cheap ($99.99), but the pictures can be costly. However, it’s definitely less a toy than an Instax camera. This Polaroid is a very serious camera, the lens is amazing, the films are amazing and big. You can actually get interesting results with a camera like that. It really deserves its hype. It’s not a toy or another hipster-ish product, but an actual tool for creative people and photographers.


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